Are You Going to Be an Executor of a Will for an Estate in British Columbia?

Here is a resource to answer some questions if you find yourself being appointed as a director in BC.

We recommend looking at the People’s Law Society’s: Being an Executor Wikibooks for up to date information. Being an executor in British Columbia is more complicated than you might expect. It is always recommended to talk to a lawyer to ensure that you are following the guidelines for the province in which you reside.

There are helpful pages that explain the ten steps to being an executor and probating the will. You should also check out the other contents of the resource to help ensure you are operating in a manner that protects your interests and everyone involved. As always, what you read on a website should be taken with a grain of salt. Although, this particular link is probably well maintained and current, nothing substitutes the independent legal advice of a professional lawyer such as Lisa Denham.