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Alabama Dui Lawyer

Alabama Dui Lawyer

One of the safest ways to avoid a DUI conviction in Alabama is not drinking and driving. Driving under the influence can result in loss of reputation, suspension, costly fines, and revocation of your driver's license, and, in some cases, prison or jail. 

Receiving a DUI charge can be stressful and confusing. At Polson and Polson, our Alabama DUI lawyers can carefully review your case and create a strategy to challenge the prosecutors' evidence and reduce the impact on your life. 

Below, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions that people may have about DUI law in Alabama.

What are the legal limits of blood alcohol for DUI?

Blood alcohol content (BAC) is a measurement of the volume of alcohol present in your bloodstream. According to state law, a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher, within two hours of driving, meets the definition of "driving under the influence." Keep in mind that prosecutors do not only use the evidence of BAC to convict a person of DUI. They can use other evidence like witness testimony regarding unsafe driving.

What Is the worst possible penalty for a DUI?

Most DUI offenses in Alabama are prosecuted as misdemeanors, with a maximum fine of $5,000 or a maximum possible jail sentence of one year. The state law gradually increases the minimum possible penalty if you have prior DUI convictions. 

Can I lose my driver's license?

You can lose your driver's license if convicted of DUI. There is a 90-day to 1-year suspension for a first DUI offense while a second offense carries a suspension of at least 2 years. Your driver's license may be suspended for at least 3 to 4 years if there is a third DUI offense. In all three cases, the court will order an ignition interlock device (IID) to be installed in your car that prevents it from starting.

Can I defend myself against DUI charges?

Yes. You can defend yourself. Remember that every DUI case is different, so you may need to raise several defenses, including a faulty BAC test, before you can defend yourself. You may also argue a violation of your constitutional human rights, insufficient evidence, and that the evidence against you is invalid. 

How can an attorney help me?

Hiring an Alabama DUI law firm is the safest way to defend yourself against DUI charges. Your DUI attorney will review your case, explain your legal rights to you, and provide you with details on the best course of action. At Polson and Polson, our DUI attorneys are available to help you through this process. 

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If you have been charged with a DUI, you need the assistance of a DUI attorney in Alabama. Polson and Polson have represented defendants charged with alleged DUI offenses in Alabama, and we can also help you. We have helped our clients obtain plea agreements, reduced sentences, acquittals, and dismissals. Contact us today at (205) 871-8838 to schedule a confidential consultation with our team members.



Alabama Dui Lawyer

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