Best Kamloops Mediator

Best Kamloops Mediator

If you’re searching for the best Kamloops mediator to mitigate the proceedings of your divorce, consider calling Lisa Denham Law Office at 250-828-2846. You and your spouse can save a significant amount of money over hiring two lawyers, which is money that can be distributed between the two of you during negotiations.


It’s not uncommon for two divorce lawyers to cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Hiring a professional mediator can save you and your spouse up to 90% of the costs involved in coming to an agreement that will satisfy both of you. Don’t let the court system decide what will happen to your assets and who will raise your children. Hire the best Kamloops mediator to help you come to amicable terms with your spouse and keep more of your money in the process.


Many people are surprised to learn that mediation is an option during a divorce. If you thought your only option was to go to trial and allow a judge to decide the details of who will get what, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover you and your spouse may not have to go through the expensive and often terrifying process of allowing a complete stranger to decide the fate of your family. Even in the event that emotions are charged and you and your spouse are not on great terms, a mediator can often step in and reverse some of the emotional damage that has been done.


Exit the intimidating courtroom and enter the comfort and serenity of the mediation room where you and your spouse will be encouraged to work things out to an agreeable solution, with expert advice available to help you navigate the system. It’s easy to see how much more beneficial it can be for both parties with the addition of a level-headed professional taking the lead and assisting you to follow suit.


Families with children are highly advised to consider mediation rather than expose the child(ren) to the anger, frustration, and manipulation that often occurs during the long and stressful process of litigation. Your choice to hire a mediator will offer beneficial and lasting effects you can be proud of. Providing your child with the opportunity to see both parents cooperating toward a mutually-agreeable outcome, even in the event when they disagree with one another, can serve to foster admiration and encourage your child(ren) to do the same later on in life. Cooperation also leads to a greater likelihood that a joint custody arrangement that satisfies both parties can be achieved.


There are numerous factors that point to mediation as being the more advantageous option for your family during the process of divorce. Hire the best Kamloops mediator from Lisa Denham Law Office by calling 250-828-2846 or click on the ‘Legal Resources’ link at the top of the home page to learn more about why a mediator may be your best option during divorce.

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Best Kamloops Mediator Best Kamloops Mediator Best Kamloops Mediator Best Kamloops Mediator
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