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divorce or mediation Toronto

divorce or mediation Toronto

Today’s divorces are a cause of celebration that motivate people to organize celebratory social events. Most people who found out about their marriage nightmare during lockdown are trying to have a better year by filing for divorce as fast as possible. Are you ready to usher in the new year by putting a damper on the dead part of your life?

Most people prepare for divorce eons before they come about the decision. A less subtle step is to have a prenuptial agreement – the messiest divorces do not have a prenup. The easier route is the divorce litigation process to resolve deep-seated issues that harden the separation. Should you choose divorce or litigation in Toronto?

What is divorce litigation?


Parties that choose the litigation route want a different outcome after failing to succeed from the family court. The process of subjecting oneself through the backlogged court system is not the easiest but is potentially the toughest.


The average cost of the entire process is not more than $18,000 in all states. Delays in the court system may lead to higher prices, especially during the Covid pandemic era.


The judge makes the final decision for your marriage and children. Consequentially, anything you say and do during the process will have a direct impact on the outcome. The court orders you to enforce the results and follow the right approach to ensure each one understands the judgment. It is safe to say that litigation is a lengthy and emotionally combative process. The good news is there are alternatives to the standard divorce process.


The spouse’s perception of mediation is critical in proceeding with the mediation process. You need a Positive Solutions mediator who will agree to the neutral approach of discussing and solving child support and custody issues.


The mediation process gives you control of the legal fees. It is still better to consult us about the legal advice of starting and maintaining a mediation procedure. 

Another reason for cheaper fees is that the mediation process does not have unnecessary procedures like discovery, court appearance, and legal rules that take over your life. The consultant plays a much smaller role than the attorney and will charge a flat fee or increments that match your separation case.


We encourage spouses to have mutual decisions about property and child custody. This case means you are in complete control of the number of times you meet and the issues you are open to discussing. The mediation process gives you allowance to protect your child, whereas litigation provides the judge with the right. The worst-case scenario for the latter is losing custody of your child to a total stranger or family member after the judge’s ruling.

Mediation is better if you want to maintain decency and privacy in the marriage. The information of your disagreements, property, and child custody remains within the confines of our office. Litigation exposes all your data to the public because details are quickly searchable via the Internet.

The divorce consultant offers guidance and education for you to make sound financial choices. Contact 888-779-8777 to learn how you commence the process by consulting one of the online mediation specialists.

divorce or mediation Toronto
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divorce or mediation Toronto divorce or mediation Toronto divorce or mediation Toronto divorce or mediation Toronto
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