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Family Law Knoxville

Whether you are looking to get a divorce or need help getting child support, Attorney Jack W. Bowers can help. He is highly experienced in family law in Knoxville and has represented many people just like you in the court of law. For a no-obligation consultation session, you may call 865-688-4060.  

If you are going through a divorce or are looking to collect child support from your child’s other parent, it’s time to find a lawyer. One of the most important things to do is to find an attorney who specializes in family law in Knoxville. Family law is a specialized field ….
The best way to start the search process is to make a list of potential lawyers, then shorten the list down to two or three family law specialists. Compare their fees and contact some of their previous clients to ask for feedback, if possible. Book a consultation so you can talk to the lawyer in person. Ask questions about their experience in family law, their approach to cases, and how much they charge. After the consultation, assess whether you were comfortable with the attorney. You want someone you feel at ease with. After all, you will have to be very honest with this person, and you will surely disclose some very personal information. 
Jack W. Bowers is a family law practitioner in Knoxville. An attorney and counselor at law, he will listen to you and offer an honest solution for your situation. Browse our website to know more about attorney Jack W. Bowers, from his background to his practice areas. Our fees are very reasonable and affordable, and we even offer no-obligation consultations via phone. Just call 865-688-4060 today.
Family Law Knoxville
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