Florida Rental Liability Lawyer

Florida Rental Liability Lawyer

Florida Rental Liability Lawyer

Keith Brady is a renowned Florida rental liability lawyer. He was accepted into and participated in the AACE Program at Averett University in Virginia. He left Averett University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a distinguished academic record where he got straight A’s, except for an automatic B in Orientation.

His journey into property management laws in Florida started at the FAMU College of Law. He was top of his class and was awarded an A or A- in fourteen (14) of thirty-two (32) courses. Some of the academic awards:

  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Member of the Student Bar Association (SBA).
  • Founding Member of the school’s Stonewall Association


Before becoming the managing partner of Keith Brady Law, Keith Brady has applied his understanding of Florida property and real estate laws to a successful career in business. He has held marketing management positions with firms like AT&T and Blue Cross. He then moved on to found an outfit known as Kissimmee Guest Services. Kissimmee Guest Services has made over $10,000,000.00 in yearly revenue.


Keith Brady is so good when it comes to buying investment property in FL because he comes from a large and closely-knit four-generation family that lives throughout St. Petersburg. He also has 3 beautiful children, so he understands the importance of making suitable real estate investments to secure the future. Here are Keith's kids:

    • Jonathan, an adopted son and commercial landscaper.
    • Charity, Berklee College of Music, Songwriting Program with violin, piano, and vocals.
    • Charles, a former college baseball standout and an honor student at Stetson Law School.

Keith is not all book and work. He still finds the time to pursue personal interests like attending Home Church Meetings and engaging in activities like hiking, skiing, & kayaking with his dogs. He is also an ardent follower of Little League© Baseball and Softball.

Why You Should Consult With Keith Brady

Keith Brady is not just a leader in the Florida rental liability law space by dint of his academic qualifications and career. He has served in many capacities and different forums in the legal community. Such experiences, his background in business, and his training as a lawyer affords him ample knowledge of rental property liability and makes him an authority in real estate asset protection in Florida.

So if you are looking for a rental liability lawyer with a penchant for unique and bespoke legal solutions, you know who to talk to.

Contact the leading Florida Rental Liability Lawyer

Do you need the services of a top Florida Vacation Rental Law Firm? Keith Brady Law should be the first name on your mind. We handle all forms of vacation-related legal needs including but not limited to drafting rental and management agreements, tax reporting, vacation home management, compliance, and business litigations.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients manage their risk and reduce their liability as much as possible. Through our team of experienced and committed attorneys, we ensure our clients do all the right things and avoid the cost implication and uncertainties that come with lawsuits. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.



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Florida Rental Liability Lawyer Florida Rental Liability Lawyer Florida Rental Liability Lawyer Florida Rental Liability Lawyer
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