Free Resource for Child Support Information in BC

For most, children represent a very expensive undertaking. Families spend a huge percentage of their income on the needs and wants of children. When the parents break up the topic of child support often is brought up. Everything from food and shelter to education and hobbies can be included in child support agreements. Lisa Denham is not a family lawyer, but being a member of her own family and the community of Kamloops, BC has shown her how important these issues are for families.

Please click the following link from People’s Law School about child support in BC. As always, its a good idea to take anything that you read on a website with a grain of salt. Legislation is constantly changing and while the above link looks well maintained, nothing can replace the independent legal advice of a lawyer registered in the province that you reside. Please seek independent legal advice before taking advice from a website link such as the above.

Child Support Guidelines

The child support guidelines in British Columbia is essentially a formula for calculating child support based on income and number of children. It is never considered to be perfect, but the guidelines represent the governments attempt to calculate child support consistently across the province.

Lisa Denham is not a child support lawyer and recommends that you research online at links like the above and then hire independent legal counsel prior to taking action in any family law matter.