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Lisa Denham is a trained Mediator with Mediate BC

Yes, you read that right. Lisa Denham can act as a mediator to facilitate your next family or commercial mediation.

In the city of Kamloops, BC at 520 Chief Louis Eli Way Denham Law Office offers mediation services. While not all situations are best served by a mediator, there are a growing number of ways that a registered mediator can help for a lower cost than two lawyers and likely with a more favorable outcome overall for both parties.

The provincial government favors mediation options for most areas of custody, support and family law cases. There is even legislation to compel parties in certain cases to go to a mediator before their cases will be heard in provincial court. The reason for this is simple. Mediators cut the number of professionals involved in finding a solution and save a considerable amount of time, money and energy.

How Does Using a Mediator Reduce Costs?

When you employ professional mediation services, you are essentially replacing two lawyers with one mediator. This often results in a much lower cost for both parties involved. Paying the salary of one mediator is likely lower than the combined cost of hiring two lawyers in Kamloops, BC.

But, another factor that is worth considering is that mediated disputes tend to have a more favorable result for both parties. The internet is filled with stories of lawsuits that are the result of personality conflicts, ego and other factors that are part of the human component of the case. Using a mediator can sometimes help mitigate the irrational human component of these cases to give the most agreeable outcome possible under the specific set of circumstance of that case.

Lisa Denham is a trained mediator, lawyer and notary public. You are well represented when you employ the services of Denham Law Office.


Lisa Denham is a family mediator ready to help your family resolve conflicts. Sometimes parents with teenage children mediate their disputes about television and curfews. Or brothers and sisters mediate their issues around chores or behavioral problems. Often, separated parents need a mediator to help develop visitation and custody agreements that are in the best interest of the child. If you are looking for a trained family mediator, Lisa Denham is available for your husband and wife conflicts to keep your marriage productive and rewarding. Lisa is a family mediator in British Columbia.

Do you need the services of a family mediator in the Kamloops area? Lisa Denham is considered one of the most qualified attorneys in the region and can act as a mediator to facilitate your upcoming family mediation. It’s true that not all situations call for the services of a mediator, however, more and more often is the case that hiring the services of a registered mediator can results in a favorable outcome, both terms of a reduced lawyer costs and in terms of legal results.


In the event that both parties are willing to come to the table to discuss the legal matters at hand and put their trust in a registered and experienced mediator, they can each save a significant amount of money over paying for the services of two lawyers. All too often, egos get into the way of coming to terms in a way that would benefit both parties. In cases such as these, a mediator can help to mitigate the irrational human component that serves as an obstacle to reaching an agreeable outcome. Consider the benefits of hiring a family mediator, and then call Lisa Denham Law Office at 250-828-2846:


A Mediator is Cost Effective


It’s no secret that a family lawyer can cost a bundle of money and can easily result in the financial devastation of both parties. Most people who find themselves in this situation are not aware that an alternative exists. Hiring a family mediator can save you up to 90% over the cost of paying two lawyers during a divorce litigation. Consider that saving money leaves more assets that are able to be divided between the parties.


Mediation functions on your Schedule


Unlike a rigid court docket that requires you to be in court on time and on a specific date, mediation can be scheduled around the schedules of you and your spouse. This sets the stage for a divorce that can be resolved in a very timely manner.


Mediation Encourages Civil Behavior


Since both parties are put in a position where they must work together toward an agreement, mediation fosters an environment that is much less adversarial. A family mediator can help to shift the focus of the proceedings from what has occurred in the past to what should occur for the beneficial futures of both parties.


Mediation is a Healthier Choice for Children Involved


Children are less likely to be used as tools to attain personal objectives when parents engage in mediation that serves to expose the children to an environment that is less angry in nature. Negotiating support, custody and visitation is almost always preferable than accepting a court-imposed decision.


Save money and avoid the hostilities of going to court by hiring Lisa Denham Law Office as your family mediator. As a trained mediator and lawyer, Lisa Denham can represent you professionally to ensure a more favorable result that will be far less restrictive in nature and easier on the wallet. Call Lisa Denham in Kamloops at 250-828-2846.



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