What do Personal Injury Lawyers in Kamloops, BC Do?

A personal injury lawyer is a special type of lawyer that works primarily with cases involving the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and other parties. This type of lawyer is also referred to as an ICBC Lawyer, Car Accident Lawyer or as Accident Lawyers etc.

Lisa Denham is not a Personal Injury Lawyer but as a member of the community certainly understands how complicated and personal that injury claims can become. For this reason, we recommend hiring independent legal counsel anytime that you are involved in an accident where you are injured. Settling with the insurance company is almost always at a dollar value much lower than a lawyer would be able to help you receive. Don’t try and deal with legal matters on your own when you can get a top personal injury lawyer on your team.

Driving, Vehicle Ownership and Insurance

In British Columbia we have one option for insurance, vehicle registration and licensing: Insurance Corporation of British Columbia or ICBC for short. Here is the People’s Law School on driving in BC.

Please remember to seek independent legal advice before making decisions from information posted on a website. The above link appears to be current and well maintained, but it is not meant to be legal advice. Rather, we suggest using websites like this to gain an overall understanding and then hire a lawyer in Kamloops, BC to represent your interests and offer guidance.