Why you need a Real Estate Lawyer in Kamloops, BC when you buy or sell a home?

Buying or selling a home is a complex transaction that involves rules and procedures to satisfy lenders of mortgages and to secure and protect all parties in the transaction.

Take for example, a bank that has a mortgage out on a property and before that property can have its title transferred to another party, the bank needs to be repaid the value of the mortgage.

Can you imagine the risk that a bank would assume if you got cash from the sale of your home and the money didn’t go directly to them?

Or what if the home inspection brings issues to the surface that corrode the deal. How can you be sure that your down payment would be returned?

There are also problems that can arise that both jeopardize the deal and put you at risk for breach of contract and other civil claims.

For the buyer, your lender requires that you retain a lawyer to prepare all the documentation to ensure both the buyer and the lender are protected.

For the seller, the lawyer ensures all financial encumbrances are paid out and discharged off title and that the seller receives the accurate net sale proceeds once the transaction is completed.

Since there are very few instances you are able to represent yourself in a real estate transaction, the question really is…

What To Expect When Hiring Professional Real Estate Lawyers?

At Lisa Denham Law our legal fees are always competitive with the Kamloops law firms and notary offices, but we believe what sets us apart is the service we give our clients. We pride ourselves on giving personalized and quality customer service to all our clients. We have a reputation of being very approachable and efficient.

We understand for many this is the biggest transactions of your life and appreciate you are choosing us to help make this happen.

The process for you should feel simple and stress free. It begins with you advising your realtor and lender, if any, that you will be using our law firm to assist you in the real estate transaction. Once the realtor and lender are notified of this they both forward the necessary documents to our office so we can make this all possible.

You can expect a call from with Cynthia, Shelley, Kaylene or Lisa, to gather your personal information. Of course you can always contact our office beforehand with any questions you may have, please call 250-828-2846.

For the buyer and seller,you will be asked a host a questions about yourself and any others that will be buying with you. The questions are straightforward and will assist us in preparing your legal documents. We will notify you at that time that we will need you to come in and sign your legal documents and make note of any times that you are not able to sign. For buyers the appointments are approximately an hour and seller are typically 30 minutes. We guide you throughout the entire process until your transaction is completed.

The next time you are in the market for a real estate lawyer in Kamloops, British Columbia why not give 250-828-2846 a call or email info@denhamlawoffice.com for a call back.

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Great Service

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Lisa and her team were awesome when we needed to do estate planning for my Mother and myself. She guided us through the process with ease and made great suggestions for us to do own our own to make things easier in the future. Thank you to Denham Law Office for a great service!!!
- Kelly Michaud

Friendly Staff and Reasonable Pricing

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I have used Denham Law Office for my last three home purchases and I can’t speak highly enough about the service that they provide. Friendly staff and reasonable pricing and of course they do a great job protecting client’s rights and going to bat for them when there is a problem. I highly recommend Lisa Denham in the Kamloops, BC area.
- Jarrley M Hust

Thanks Lisa and Team

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Thanks Lisa and team for taking such great care of my clients! It is a pleasure sending my clients to you as I know they are being very well taken care of and you guys provide amazing service to everyone involved.
- Amanda Mitchell