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When you sell your home, your lawyer again ensures that you only provide the buyer with what you have agreed to provide and, most importantly, makes sure that funds are properly received before releasing the title to the buyer.

Lisa Denham, as a lawyer, can also offer the same services as a Notary Public in Kamloops for about the same cost as a Kamloops Notary.


Closing costs are understandably one of the biggest concern for my clients. We always make sure you know exactly how much your legal fees, disbursements and taxes will cost you and give you a firm quote prior to representing you.

The following is a general overview of the closing costs you will encounter as a seller.

Seller Closing Costs

The cost of the sale of your home generally consist of real estate commission, financial encumbrances registered on title (mortgage(s), liens, judgment(s), if any, legal fees, and adjustments (of property taxes (and credits), strata fees, rent, deposits, and the like).

We have set or fixed rates that are comparable to local Kamloops law firms and notary offices. Please feel free to call us or email for a quote.

Our reviews suggest that we are one of the best Kamloops BC Lawyers services providers and are accepting new customers. Why not bring a professional real estate lawyer on your side of your next property acquisition or sale?

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Great Service

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Lisa and her team were awesome when we needed to do estate planning for my Mother and myself. She guided us through the process with ease and made great suggestions for us to do own our own to make things easier in the future. Thank you to Denham Law Office for a great service!!!
- Kelly Michaud

Friendly Staff and Reasonable Pricing

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I have used Denham Law Office for my last three home purchases and I can’t speak highly enough about the service that they provide. Friendly staff and reasonable pricing and of course they do a great job protecting client’s rights and going to bat for them when there is a problem. I highly recommend Lisa Denham in the Kamloops, BC area.
- Jarrley M Hust

Thanks Lisa and Team

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Thanks Lisa and team for taking such great care of my clients! It is a pleasure sending my clients to you as I know they are being very well taken care of and you guys provide amazing service to everyone involved.
- Amanda Mitchell