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Planning for the future really means planning for your loved ones. Estate planning also secures peace of mind that your loved ones will be properly taken care of after you are gone.

It is more common than not to put off or avoid estate planning as some feel that it is only for the very wealthy. This is far from true. Planning how your estate is to be distributed after your death is imperative particularly if you have a dependent partner and children and regardless of the size of your estate.

There are a number of legal documents you can have prepared prior to your death that will make this difficult time easier on your loved ones.

Hiring a professional estate lawyer like Lisa to do this for you is a smart choice. There are tricks of the trade that will allow you to pass on more and cost less to your heirs.

Lisa is an estate lawyer in Kamloops, BC that specializes in solutions that make sense for families.

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Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that communicates a person’s final wishes as it pertains to your possessions and dependent(s).

The will is essential as it details who will be the executor(s) of your estate, the beneficiary(s) and guardians of any infant children. If your estate is over $___ and/or you own real property independently your executor must make application to the court to approve you will.

If you die without preparing a will, you are said to have died intestate. If your estate is over $___ or you own real property independently, the courts have to approve an executor to administer your estate. The fundamental difference when you die without a legally valid will is the distribution of your estate follows succession rules and this may not necessarily follow your wishes.

Enduring Power of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney authorizes an attorney to make decisions on behalf of the adult or do anything that the adult may lawfully do in relation to the adult’s financial affairs regardless of any subsequent mental incapacitation. An adult is a person giving the attorney authorization to act on his/her behalf.

An enduring power of attorney offers you peace of mind knowing that a person of your choosing is able to take care of all your legal matters in the event you are not able.

Representation Agreement

A Representation Agreement is a legal document available to adults in British Columbia for personal planning. It allows you to authorize one or more personal supporters to be your representative to help you manage your affairs and, if necessary, to make decisions on your behalf in case of illness, injury, or disability.

A Representation Agreement is the only way you can appoint someone to assist you or to act on your behalf for health care and personal care matters. The purposes of the Act are to: 1) provide a legal alternative to adult guardianship for adults who need help today, and 2) enable planning for the future.

An Advanced Directive for Healthcare is the answers to a series of questions of what will happen if you were to become in a vegetative state.

Lisa Denham has created hundreds of wills in her career and is a very good choice for you should you need a will. Lisa is affordable and she handles every case personally.

Contact or call 250-828-2846 to get your wills package in Kamloops today.

Do you need the services of a wills estate lawyer? Look no further. Denham Law Office has you covered. Whether you need a power of attorney, living will or to update your existing will, we can help.

Are you in need of probate services for a deceased loved one or do you have a complicated estate that needs a second look? Lisa Denham and DLO have been providing Kamloops estate services and drafting wills packages for many years. The next time that you need an estate lawyer for a will creation or update why not get Lisa Denham on your side?

We see wills all the time that are drawn up professionally and stamped and signed but have outdated or less than optimal choices on them.


Your wills and estate lawyer should be able to help you create joint tenancy on properties and other title strategies to skip the daunting probate process in the event of a change.

Plan ahead and call Lisa Denham for your will package today.

Lisa Denham is a wills and estate lawyer that can advise your estate on matters such as how much an executor can receive in compensation for their duties following through on the wishes of the loved one who has just passed.

The procedure in which matters of estate progress and the duties of all parties involved in the will are made aware to all of Lisa’s clients. With years of drafting, modifying and updating wills in Lisa’s tool box, you can benefit from her estate law experience.

The next time that you need a will created, modified or updated why dont you call an estate planning lawyer from Denham Law Office who is only eight minutes from North Kamloops.

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Great Service

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Lisa and her team were awesome when we needed to do estate planning for my Mother and myself. She guided us through the process with ease and made great suggestions for us to do own our own to make things easier in the future. Thank you to Denham Law Office for a great service!!!
- Kelly Michaud

Friendly Staff and Reasonable Pricing

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I have used Denham Law Office for my last three home purchases and I can’t speak highly enough about the service that they provide. Friendly staff and reasonable pricing and of course they do a great job protecting client’s rights and going to bat for them when there is a problem. I highly recommend Lisa Denham in the Kamloops, BC area.
- Jarrley M Hust

Thanks Lisa and Team

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Thanks Lisa and team for taking such great care of my clients! It is a pleasure sending my clients to you as I know they are being very well taken care of and you guys provide amazing service to everyone involved.
- Amanda Mitchell